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A Plan for Deciding if Your Toddler is Ready for Solids

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 31, 2016 8:10:40 AM / by Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

Preparing to introduce solids to your child can be a difficult decision to make. You're probably at the point now where you're starting to feel comfortable feeding the baby milk/formula with confidence that they'll eat enough, and now you need to try something else. 

Part of the difficulty around the decision is trying to determine if your little one is even ready to take the leap, right? I've been there and so I wanted to share a plan for deciding if your toddler is ready for solids. So, if you're preparing to make the leap to introducing solids to your toddler, here is the process I've seen work to decide if the timing is right:

  • First, you want to get to a place where baby recognizes they are hungry and are eatingPlan for deciding if your toddler is ready for solids
     milk/formula well. Ideally, almost every feeding will go well before introducing solids. 

  • The next thing to look for would be if your little one is interested in food when you are eating. The best way to be thorough about this stage is to have baby sit in their high chair at the table while you eat your dinner. 

  • The final major step is to make sure your kiddo can sit up well without support. While your highchair will have straps to make sure they don't move too much, you'll find the initial feeding to be very difficult if baby is struggling to stay vertical. 

There are other developmental milestones to watch for from your little one to introduce solids, but the above three are the major progressions you want to see. There are also lots of other opinions out there on when baby is ready for solids. If you liked reading our post, we think you'll enjoy our additional information in our  "Is Our Baby Ready for Solids?" Checklist.

 Plan for deciding if your toddler is ready for solids

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Chris Wilson

Written by Chris Wilson

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