Meet Fed Baby Happy Baby

Fed Baby Happy Baby was baby-free until August of last year. Since getting my world turned upside down and starting my Dad career, I wanted to build a site dedicated to helping fathers be more involved and helpful in feeding their children. This is usually part of the newborn experience that is very mom oriented, breastfeeding or not. Particularly for babies who are being fed by formula, Dads can take a more active role in feeding the baby and I think they should. Eating time is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your baby, when they're almost always in a good mood. Most infants cannot see very far, but they can see the face on the end of the bottle feeding them, so why shouldn't Dads be helping?  

Chris Wilson


Since becoming a Dad in August of 2015, I've become a quick study in baby eating habits, how to help them eat better and watching my son grow. As a 6'6 Dad with a newborn in the 4th percentile of weight, I was confident my son would grow but wanted to make sure he was eating properly throughout his early stages to facilitate that growth; he's now in the 32nd percentile in weight at the 7 month mark. I want to pass what I've learned on to you; helping your baby eat better, your baby sleep better and getting new parents more quality time with their babies and more sleep. My specialties in particular revolve around building a plan for deciding if your toddler is ready for solids and how to introduce solids to an infant